conditions of commenting.

I can no longer accept comments not sent in English as it is to time consuming to use the online translators and I can not know how accurate the translation may be. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Comments sent with an invalid url attached may be deleted.

Я больше не могу принять комментарии, не посланные на английском языке, поскольку это к трудоёмкому, чтобы использовать переводчиков онлайн, и я не могу знать, насколько точный перевод может быть. Я сожалею о любом неудобстве, которое это может вызвать.

Comments not relative to the Post will be deleted, or at our discretion moved to the newest speak your mind page. Comments with inappropriate language ie: profanity for example may have those words edited or be deleted.

One or two word comments followed by an advertisement may be deleted.

Comments appearing to be spam may be deleted.

Duplicate comments on multiple pages will be deleted.

Multiple duplicate comments will be deleted.

Links to sites which seem pornographic will be deleted.

For non relevant comments or questions  go to the appropriate speak your mind page in the right side bar. Do not comment on this page as it will be deleted.

Those that continually abuse these few simple rules may be blocked and their comments directed to the spam bin. This is emptied without reviewing the comments.

Thank you,



5 Responses to “conditions of commenting.”

  1. boudicabpi Says:

  2. txlady706 Says:

    Try this for a translator.
    but if you need whole texts, then run Chrome.
    It will ask you if you want to translate whole web sites, if it’s in a language other than the one you are currently running.
    Also, I speak Russian fluently
    If you have a question I can try to help
    Just offering

  3. wdednh Says:

    🙂 great Blog pal 😛

  4. Vermont Woodchuck Says:

    Bob, keep it going.

  5. Keith Mahone (aka Charles Martel) Says:


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